Accupow™ EN

Accupow™ is an innovative system, It allows  to accumulate electrical energy from potential energy and when needed, generate electricity again.

Accupow is indicated for use in localities with warm climates, is not connected from the mains. It can be used to store electrical energy produced in excess during the daytime by solar panels, and return it during the night or compensating for voltage drops even momentary. It is suitable for small and medium-sized community thanks to the possibility of being able to be produced and connected in series to accumulate and generate a greater amount of energy. In order to reduce the visual impact, it can be integrated into existing architectures (pillars, columns, pylons of wind turbines or bridges, etc.). Since it does not generate any form of sound or olfactory emissions, it can be placed in underground locations or closed.


A ring of stone material or conglomerates, is inserted in a vertical element in the column. At the sides of the column are four toothed rails (rack), placed on 90 ° arcs with respect to the section (also constitute the sliding guides), on which rotate the gears of a gear ratio which connects the block of the synchronous motor with permanent magnet the ring. For each ring there are four motors with gear ratio in the upper part and four in the bottom, for a total of eight per ring. In the case where the ring mass would be significant, you can increase the number of engines, gear ratio and guides. The operation takes place according to the steps:


The electrical power is used to drive the motor that raises the mass ring, the action takes place by acting on the gear ratio by generating a slow lifting motion but which requires a low power motor (and thus low absorption), the last wheel of the gear ratio is taken on the mail guide teeth on the column.


The rising ring accumulates potential energy whose maximum is reached when it reaches the apex of the column. When it reaches the maximum point or the final stage of battery time, it remains suspended.


The ring begins to scroll down, the motion generated by the mass produces the power required to rotate the generator (which is also the brake of the fall) placed between the ring and gearing down. The thus produced current is constant intensity and ends with the attainment of the minimum height point.

Description drawings

Fig. 1 shows the overall synthetic scheme and the arrangement of the main components of the new system.


 A)     Accupow-OSGear ratio

 B)     Permanent magnet synchronous motor

 C)     Ring

 D)     Column


The new system can accumulate and also generate substantial amounts of energy (if suitably dimensioned), does not produce waste and environmental problems of disposal, can withstand an unlimited number of charges, does not require the presence of cooling systems and therefore can also be used in extremely hot climates, can be integrated in the architecture to minimize the visual impact, does not produce noise or smell, is made from readily available and inexpensive materials, does not need to be connected to an electrical network, can function as UPS, the technology used is simple and can also be operated by unskilled workers.

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