Ice Time Alarm Utility


PRESENTATION Ice Time Alarm Utility®

Ice Time Alarm Utility® is an application created to make car trips safer, especially when road conditions are affected by ice formation. The majority of accidents result from excessive speed or by maneuvering too abrupt, low in advance is the first of the conditions in order to maintain a reduced speed and, consequently, a greater driving safety.


Now you no longer have to wake up earlier each day, fearing that there might be ice on the road. Ice Time Alarm® you wake up only when the risk of frost becomes real. All the days when road conditions are normal, you can wake up later.


In order to allow an application to fail Ice Time Alarm®, follow points:

  1. Ice Time Alarm UtilityConsent to receive notifications, and to allow you to connect to the GPS data in the background.

  2. Accept the requests*.

Now the app is ready to be set. For correct setting, proceed by following the instructions:

  • a) Tap the space below the word “Alarm”.

  • b) Select the date and time for the alarm, or the time at which you want to sound in case of good road conditions.

  • c) Tap the space below the word “Advanced Time.”

  • d) Select the time at which you want to sound the alarm in case of bad road conditions.

  • e) Leave the application actived (not close).

You can read the current temperature and the location, in case the temperature is so low as to allow the formation of ice, will change the background will appear and a sign of danger.

You must leave active the application, you do not press the home button of the iPhone after setting time.




Avviso-Ice-Time-AlarmDownload the app again if you see that the thermometer shows an incorrect temperature.